Buzzing at Stroud Sacred Music Festival!

Published: Thursday October 4, 2018

Simon Howell, co-creator of Stroud Sacred Music Festival

Stroud Sacred Music Festival has run annually since 2015, and is a growing collaborative project led by a group representing a huge diversity of beliefs and backgrounds.

“It’s a sort of roots-down, walls-down approach,” says the Revd Simon Howell, vicar at Holy Trinity Stroud and Inter-faith Advisor at the Diocese of Gloucester; “one goes through a steep discipleship learning curve, from whichever faith tradition you come from, when you encounter another from a different faith. Particularly if they challenge you!”

Watch the short film here:

We had a great time at the festival and made this short film to meet the people behind the extraordinary events, and to find out what it means to the local community when people of all faiths (and none) come together in one church!



Co-founder Girish Patel said, “Although it’s called ‘sacred’ music, it’s open to everyone; you don’t have to have a faith and if you do have a faith, that’s fine too. [It’s] a celebration of diversity, and through this connection we find that it is, in itself, an act of peace.”

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