My vocation: Jo’s story

Published: Monday July 24, 2017

Jo Pestell, CNCThe Revd Jo Pestell shares her story of why she got ordained; “For me, even in the times when I’m like; “God, you don’t exist!”, I’ve just felt deeply within myself that I’m part of the team – that God has called me to follow Him”

“God has all the good cards and that frustrates me, but I trust that because He has all the good cards, actually He knows how my life fits into this picture, and he knows how everyone else’s lives fit together, and that does give me peace and security. And fundamentally a deep trust even if I can’t get my head around it!”

Have you had that feeling that God is calling you, but you think it can’t be true? Come and talk about it on the 18th November when we are holding a day for young women to come and explore their vocation.

Details about the event can be found here →

Watch Jo’s story here:

3 thoughts on “My vocation: Jo’s story

  1. I’m really looking forward to having you as our vicar as St. Cats.

    Continuing to pray for you

  2. Wow, good to see you found your vocation after working in basildon. Im still doing the math; enjoyed working together.

    Mike A

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