Community through Sport

Published: Friday March 31, 2017

Sport enables people to form a bond.  They share a common interest and have a common ground for communicating which can develop into friendship.

Going to a local park or hall for a sport brings together adults and children. For example just having a five-a-side game of football involves players, supporters and of course those who provide refreshments.

Activities can be arranged in partnerships with organisations in your area.  These may include; County Sports Partnerships, National Governing Bodies and School Sport Partnerships, authorities and community groups. Working in partnership enables a sharing of resources and expertise. It facilitates conversation leading to bonds, friendships and possible more opportunities.

Also, sport can be used as a great way to help raise money for charity because quite often people be willing to do something to help a charity. Being a part of something bigger gives confidence to stretch beyond the usual comfort zone.

– Charge an entry fee per team?
– Remember to have someone bucket-shaking in the crowds.

Getting organised
– Spread the word that you’re organising the event and ask for people to take part.
– Arrange teams.
– Find a suitable location – how about the local park or sports centre.

What you will need
– Equipment depending on your sport (a football)
– Refreshments.
– Depending on the size of event you are aiming for you might consider a barbecue or bouncy castle.

Christians in Sport  support and resource churches as they disciple their own sportspeople and reaches out to its local sports community.

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