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Published: Wednesday May 13, 2015

Praying at sunsetThousands of booklets are being handed out by churches in and around Gloucestershire inviting people to try praying.

The booklet, which has been produced by the Diocese of Gloucester, suggests different ways of experiencing prayer, such as by donating to a food bank or listening to music.

It invites people to spend ten days during May in prayer, trying each of the suggestions for themselves.

The Try Praying initiative focuses on a mix of action and reflection, and includes holding a stone, sending a smile and counting your blessings. Each prayer is designed to fit in with people’s busy lives. Most can be tried at any time while others will need a little planning, but all are easy to do.

The Bishop of Tewkesbury, the Rt Revd Martyn Snow, said: “Most people admit to the fact that, at one time or another in their life, they have prayed. It may be as a student before an exam; it may be as a family member sat in a hospital, waiting for news of a loved one.

“There are all sorts of moments in life when we find ourselves turning towards our Creator, often in a desperate prayer for help.

“But we are inviting people of all backgrounds to consider going a little bit further. We are inviting people to set aside 10 days, to try praying each day. We have produced a very simple booklet with suggestions about how you can go about exploring prayer in more depth.”

The Try Praying initiative runs from Thursday 14 May to Saturday 23 May.

Daily prayers can be found on the diocesan website at Booklets can also be ordered from the diocese.

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